When the unthinkable happens, we’re here to help.

In British Columbia, we’re no strangers to flooding or other storm damage that could affect your flooring. Fortunately, if you have home insurance you probably have coverage to help repair or replace your floors.

We’ll work with you and your insurance adjuster to ease the burden. Once you’ve set a claim in motion, just contact us and we will walk you through the steps to help make this stressful time easier to manage. We will promptly deal with your adjuster by providing the necessary quotations and any other documentation required. It’s important to the insurance company that they receive the best price for a suitable replacement. It’s important to you that you’re satisfied with the product. We’ll do our best to accomplish both.

If you haven’t started a claim, feel free to contact us right away. We can still get started immediately to prevent any delays. Time can be of the essence as your replacement product might have shipping or milling delays and sometimes it may be discontinued. Finding a comparable product in a timely manner means you can quickly settle your claim and get back to life.

Restoration Companies

There are several reputable local companies that provide quality restoration services during disaster or accidents. We can work directly with your restoration company to find replacement materials suitable for your situation.

If you are a representative of a restoration company, we would love to speak with you to create a solid working relationship that will provide our mutual clients with the most positive outcome.


Replacement or Upgrade

If you’re looking to replace your existing damaged floors, we will suggest the most similar products. We carry a broad spectrum of all flooring products so even if we can’t perfectly match your product we’ll do our best to find a comparable option. Since you’ll be replacing, you may wish to change your color scheme or pattern; as long as you select a product that closely resembles what you are substituting it for (particularly regarding price) you’re free to make this small switch. Most adjusters also accept a swap out of one material to another of similar pricing.

Or, if you’d prefer to upgrade to something more luxurious or switch from carpet to something more durable like hardwood, we’ll provide your insurer with the necessary replacement cost portion and bill you for the balance.

Turn lemons into lemonade...your insurance claim can become an upgrade.


I.C.C. Claims

We are a member of the Insurance Claims Collaborative, a Flooring Valuation and Replacement Program offered to insurance companies. If you are a restoration or insurance company who deals with I.C.C. we’re here to offer a quote for your acceptance.

If you are a homeowner working with an insurance adjuster that is affiliated with I.C.C. then you may hear from us if we’re selected as the candidate to provide your materials. It will be our pleasure to help you make your house a home again.

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