Specific Needs for Business

When it comes to commercial spaces we’ve got expert flooring and design specialists that know what products work best for your application. High traffic areas need to withstand constant use and only commercial grade products will do. We carry several brands that offer this level of durability to ensure you receive the longest wear-life possible.

Don't get crushed by the wrong flooring choice for your business. Ask our experts which product is best for your business.

Expert Guidance

Our sales team will guide you to the right products based upon your preference and concerns regarding:
  • Foot Traffic
  • Durability
  • Design & Trend
  • Budget
  • Desired Material
  • Expected duration before replacement

Local Businesses and Small Shops

Whether you are a small boutique owner in need of a trendy, easy-care, stain-resistant showroom floor or a cafe in need of a resilient, non-slip surface, we’ve got you covered.

If your business has a low amount of traffic, some of our dependable residential grade products might work well for you depending upon the style. For example, if choosing carpet, a firm berber would hold up best against crushing or foot impressions making this a good option for offices.

If your shop has a moderate-to-high traffic flow, then some of our commercial carpet or a resilient (vinyl) product is a much better choice to avoid fading or premature wear. These products have been designed to withstand the impact of a bustling business. Another great option is carpet tiles which allow the removal and replacement of individual tiles in areas that show wear or damage. Carpet tiles also have more freedom in design because you can mix and match colours and styles to create focal areas or the illusion of a section, almost like a built-in area rug that you can easily swap out later.

There are always hard surface options such as laminate, tile, and stone. Hardwood is less likely to uphold against heavy foot traffic in most situations and is not as spill resistant as its cousin, the laminate. These days, laminate has plenty of options including the ability to look like stone. Resilient products, such as luxury vinyl tiles or planks, also come with many style options that mimic stone and wood. Tile and stone are very long-lasting products that offer many style and pricing options.

The advantages of a commercial product for your business will certainly result in floors that look beautiful for a long time.

Core Elements Commercial LVT.  Style Darby

Commercial or Industrial Structures and Public Spaces

At this level of use, you need the toughest and most durable product available.

In public structures such as malls or government offices, architects and designers won’t want to sacrifice style for durability. Former thoughts of commercial grade flooring used to conjure up images of limited choices like unsightly speckled vinyl or dark hotel carpeting. Nowadays, styles are becoming more visually pleasing and the product lines are expanding. In addition, the advent of both carpet and vinyl tiles allows custom patterns and easy swap out if an area is somehow permanently damaged.

In industrial structures such as hospitals, design aesthetic is farther down the list of priorities compared to resilience, soil and stain resistance, maintenance, and protection against excessive wear. Products such as marmoleum offer this level of assurance.


Specialty Floors

If you require unusual or custom flooring products let us know. We’ve worked on unique projects with custom inlays such as logos or graphical designs. We’ve installed intricate tiling patterns and designs on both floors and walls. If you have a gym that requires rubber flooring or some other request, please contact us to see how we might be able to help.

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