Maurice Upton, Owner, Manager & Sales Representative, Pacific Coast Floors Carpet One

Maurice Upton

Owner | Manager

With Us Since: Incorporation in December 1993

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Multi-Unit Structures
  • Purchasing
  • Hiring
  • General Management


Maurice Upton is an expert in the installation of a broad range of materials as well as in residential and commercial sales. As General Manager, he oversees the operations at our showroom and warehouse.

Maurice began in the flooring industry literally from the ground up as an installer in 1974.
Originally from Alberta, Maurice moved here in the 1970s with his wife during a time when Victoria was beginning a new era of growth and development. Housing was starting to boom and there was much demand for tradespeople. It was an opportunity for him to prosper and the flooring world welcomed him.

After working all aspects of being an installer (manually carrying massive rolls of carpet up many flights of stairs; removing and replacing trims and base; to cutting and kicking the product in) Maurice went into business with his cousin, Bill Waffle. Early on, they hired a young, local Langford man named Chris Dougans to work alongside of them as an installer.

When Bill decided to return to Alberta in the early 80s, Maurice went to work for B&E Floors for approximately 5 years, continuing to work as an installer. During this time, he began to develop many contacts in the industry which would prove to be important later on. Over the next 8 years, Maurice worked as a subcontractor for a variety of stores and contractors, including installing commercial products for Chris (who had gone on to work in Butler Bros flooring department). His dealings with suppliers such as McCrann’s and Kraus were invaluable when the opportunity arose for Chris and him to go into business together.

In 1993, realizing they shared the same integrity and business principles, Maurice and Chris founded Pacific Coast Floor Covering Inc. Together they would support the local community with their values of hard work, honesty, and giving the best one can.

My Recommended Products

Here are some of my favorite products that I would love to show you when you visit us in store:


Style: All
  • Ultra soft

  • Stain repellant

  • Resists fading

The entire line of Innovia™ and Innovia™ Touch carpets are both soft and durable.

Innovia™ is Carpet One’s collection made from a natural-based technology, combining softness with long-lasting beauty. This carpet features built-in stain and soil protection that never washes or wears off and cleans with just water. It’s ideal for consumers who desire incredible softness and performance in a moderately priced assortment.

Innovia™ Touch carpet is the SUPERSOFT extension of Innovia™. It has all the same amazing stain and soil protection but double the softness. You can actually feel the difference.


Earthscapes Vinyl

Style: All
  • Warm & comfortable

  • Extremely durable

Earthscapes Vinyl is an amazing cushioned vinyl that is highly resistant to stains and traffic. This is a long-lasting choice for carefree everyday living with style. With so many styles to choose from including looks that mimic hardwood and ceramic, Earthscapes can be enjoyed in any room in your home including areas where moisture might be a problem.

The foam cushion layer of Earthscapes’ construction provides warmth and comfort. Its exceptional acoustic advantages mean you can enjoy a more peaceful home.

The urethane wear layer ensures durability and resistance to the contraction, expansion, curling and cracking typically associated with older vinyl technology.

Earthscapes is extra wide for virtually seamless installation and in many instances it can even be installed over old vinyl.


Frontier Stone Peruvian Travertine

Style: All
  • Stain resistant

  • Unique

Frontier Stone is a collection of stone sourced from the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Peruvian Travertine is an exceptionally dense stone which makes it naturally stain resistant. Other stone, such as limestone and sandstone, can be relatively absorbent which means liquids that soak into it can cause permanent stains. The density of Peruvian stone makes it less penetrable and therefore better at resisting spills.

The amazing consistency and low porosity of this stone enables it to be cut into very large but thin tiles, allowing for savings in not only stone costs but transportation, handling, and installation.

Since the face of the stone is so dense and minimally filled, it produces a beautiful honed or high polished finish. The Vein Cut tiles showcase beautiful and unique ribbons of earth elements in colours ranging from subtle tones to bold statements.

This stone can also be used for exterior installations. Since it is not an absorbent stone, you won’t have to worry about water slipping into the material, then expanding when it freezes, causing cracks to explode through the tiles.

My recommended products also come in other colours you might be interested in. These are just a few available:

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