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Pacific Coast Floors Carpet One has one straightforward goal: Provide honest and valuable service to the customer.

It’s a simple concept that Maurice Upton and Chris Dougans mutually agreed upon when they founded the company in 1993.

Our clients have responded well to this over the years, and we have grown into a family of flooring professionals with the same ideals at heart. We strive to do the best we can to assist you in choosing the right materials, offering one-on-one consultations, in-home measures, and free estimates. Our trained consultants are both designers and project managers capable of working on simple, single room installations or multi-unit complexes.

Since flooring is often a big investment to home owners, we recommend using experienced installers to ensure proper laying of the product (carpet with no buckling; level hardwood; even tiling) and thus protecting your warranty and the life of your material. Poor installation can lead to product failure and early replacement so rest assured we only work with quality installers that are experienced in their trade. And we guarantee their workmanship for five years after installation.

Serving all of Vancouver Island from our convenient location in the West Shore, we sell and install a variety of flooring materials for indoor or outdoor application, including marine and RVs.

We’re sure that whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.


Why Are We The Best?

Provide honest and valuable service to our clients.
We value honesty and compel everyone we work with—including you—to uphold the same principle. We believe in hard work and giving the best that one can. Since we’re human, we might make a mistake but we will strive to rectify the situation to the best of our ability.
To only sell quality flooring products that are backed with superior warranties. When we install your floors we offer a five year service guarantee to endorse our workmanship. You can be confident your floors will perform and still look great after years of use.
Sustainability and environmental impact is a factor in our industry and we encourage our suppliers and manufacturers to develop flooring choices and shipping logistics that leave smaller carbon footprints. At this time we carry some sustainable and green products as well as Canadian-made wood products.

Our Sales Expertise

We’re trained and skilled in all the main flooring sectors for all consumers. Our staff can assist customers with simple, one-room installations or work with builders for multi-unit complexes. We’re able to guide you with flooring choices that will complement your furnishings and design, or work with you and your interior designer to achieve the look of your dream home.

Our Full Service

When you purchase your floors with us you get all the benefits we offer such as knowledgeable design advice, in-home estimates, accurate room measures, quality products and expert installation. We even carry products for the care and maintenance of your floor.

Our Installation Guarantee

There’s no need to shop around for an installer and wonder if they are as skilled as they claim. No need to worry if you are protected from Worker’s Compensation claims since we ensure our installers have coverage. We already work with the best trades — most have been with us for years. And we guarantee their workmanship for five years.

Things to Consider

You might find a cheaper product elsewhere. But that’s just it. It’ll be up to you to do your homework on the types of flooring available and which is most suitable for your room. Then you’ll be stuck finding a flooring installer that you can trust to do a good job, or do it yourself—are you up for that task?

Too Good to be True!

Often cheap products are that for a reason: they are sourced from unreliable manufacturers using low quality materials or bought in overstock auctions where previous storage conditions are unknown. Will you be purchasing wood stored in damp conditions that will sacrifice the performance of your flooring? Are you sure the durability of the product is what you expect? Not knowing if the product is truly from a quality manufacturer leaves the consumer wondering if the materials are inferior quality and if there is any warranty.

Are You a Flooring Expert?

Can you tell the difference between solid hardwood and engineered? Or laminate for that matter. If not, are you certain you want to purchase without the advice of a flooring consultant? Perhaps that bargain is because you’re being sold something other than you expect; a low-end product designed to look acceptable but won’t last very long.

Another issue that might arise is the transition of one flooring material to another between rooms. Are you installing new wood in the dining room that meets tile or lino in the kitchen? Will there be an issue with the thickness of your the wood against the thickness of the existing material? Without the advice of a flooring specialist, this type of issue could be difficult or costly to remedy.

Was it Really Convenient?

It might seem as if ordering cheap flooring online and getting it sent directly to you saves you both time and money. Alternatively, a box store might not save you as much time as it does money. The problem with convenience: it’s never convenient when issues arise.

If you come across any of the new floor purchaser mistakes we just discussed, then you’ll likely be faced with the hassle of trying to return your product. If you bought online, good luck. If you purchased from a big box store they might readily accept a return but if you’re looking to exchange the product those stores often have limited styles and choices available.

What happens if you short-ordered product because you accidentally didn’t account for the correct amount of waste? Will you be able to order more? Overstock auctions and big discount stores aren’t likely to carry the same dye lot since they typically purchase large quantities of soon to be discontinued items at huge savings leaving the consumer out of luck if they need more product. Alternatively, if you need to return it those types of vendors often have limited return or final sale policies.

If you’re buying from the internet or some other questionable seller, you could be saving money for nothing if your product fails and requires replacement sooner than you expected.

We’re the Full Package

When you purchase your floors with us you get all the benefits we offer such as knowledgeable design advice, in-home estimates, accurate room measures, quality products and installation. There’s no need to shop around for an installer as we already work with the best. And we guarantee their workmanship—does the guy you found online do that?

Let Us Help

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Why Choose Us

  • Free in-home estimates
  • One-on-one consultations with qualified flooring specialists and designers
  • 5 Year Installation Guarantee on Service
  • The Beautiful Guarantee that promises you will love your new floor
  • Exclusive Carpet One brands
  • Healthier Living Installations
  • Superior product protection with our lifetime warranties
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau since 1998 with an A+ Rating

What Our Client’s Say

Pacific Coast Floors is a great Carpet One dealer. I find their staff well knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Jayson Brown, via Google+
We bought our flooring a few years back and to this date I’m reminded at the quality and professional service we had. The price was great too — we managed to get some blowout flooring that they had around.
Doug Harrington, via Google+
Friendly, no pressure, knowledgeable guys. I felt at ease knowing my product was backed by a great warranty.
Maureen Wilkinson, via Email
I would like to commend your company, from your office staff to your installers. From first entering your store to finishing up with today’s final ‘walk through’, I saw nothing but smiling faces and polite attitudes. Spending almost $4,000. is, for me, a traumatic endeavour. D.J. de Weerd patiently answered all of my questions and made an appointment, at my convenience, to measure my home for new carpet. Donnie, the Head Installer, and his staff were wonderful. They were punctual and careful moving my furniture and replacing it and vacuuming all rooms and hallway before leaving. I highly recommend Pacific Coast Floors. (May 2015)
Trisha T., via Email
Had our kitchen floor replaced today. It looks great and the installers were really nice guys – I will definitely recommend you! (June 2015)
Jennifer Hawke, via Facebook
Can’t thank you enough for the new floor. It’s perfect. The installers were very kind, courteous, efficient, professional and took pride in their work. Very impressive. You are lucky to have them representing you. I’ll be sure to call you when I’m ready for the next job and I will recommend your team to anyone that asks in the future. Thank you very much. (Sales Rep: Lacey) (June 2015)
Dale H., via Email
Thank you for the expert replacement of the flooring done May 13th. Bo diagnosed the problem that caused the wood squeak very quickly. It was caused by the previous installer trying to nail too close to a wall. Bo glued the last pieces and the floor has been fine. It was also a pleasure having Bo and his son here. They were efficient and pleasant to deal with. I would certainly recommend Bo to any future customer. Regarding material; the colour matchup was very good. Bo got the transitions and stained them to match the wood. They were a better colour than the original transitions from the factory. Thanks again for standing behind the product and workmanship. (Sales Rep: Maurice) (June 2015) (Warranty claim)
Bev Y., via Email

Some Of Our Clients

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